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The Importance of ANSI C63.27 in Wireless Coexistence Testing for Connected Medical Devices

Integrating a radio into a medical device can have many benefits but also introduces new challenges in compliance. Ensuring coexistence with other radios can be critical to the essential performance of medical equipment.

Increasing Correlation of Testing of Battery and Fuel Cell Powered Systems with Their Real-World Applications

Using established circuit analysis techniques and new capabilities in modeling/simulation tools can improve the understanding of battery and fuel cell powered system performance.

Complying With the EU’s EMC Directive Without 3rd Party Testing

Many manufacturers believe that third-party testing is required to meet the requirements of the EU’s EMC Directive. But there are other, legally acceptable paths to demonstrate compliance with the EMC Directive that do not require the use of a third party.

Product Insights: Charged Device Model ESD Testing

This blog explains CDM ESD testing using the field-induced (FI) method, which is important for semiconductor manufacturers. It covers building a CDM-FI tester, waveform details and verification, and qualification nuances. 

Electric Shock Stimulation for Complex Leakage Current Waveforms

Leakage or touch current tests for electrical shock protection is mandated by safety standards in the process of issuing a safety certification for various electrical products. In this article, electrical shock sensation experiments were conducted for a complex waveform composed of a combination of 60 Hz and a higher frequency sinusoidal signal.
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Creating an Effective and Defensible Product Recall

Recalls can create huge problems for manufacturers and product sellers. They can generate new product liability lawsuits that are harder to defend, involve a significant financial cost to implement, and create reputational problems with consumers and retailers. Manufacturers must carefully design a recall or other corrective action that is as effective as possible and adequate under the circumstances. Various government entities are issuing new requirements that can help with these efforts.

Challenges of CDM Modeling for High-Speed Interface Devices

The behavior of ultra-high-speed interfaces is complex, involving fast-rise time waveforms and on-die transient phenomena that cause device failure at lower CDM levels.

Using a Near-Field Probe to Troubleshoot Transient Failures

Solving EMI problems isn’t only about ensuring that a product can meet EMC regulations and standards (although it’s a significant part of the job). Another crucial reason for addressing EMI issues is to enhance product reliability, especially when a product operates in public or industrial areas where there are many different types of noise sources.

IT Server Hardware Compliance, Part 2

This two-part article provides a detailed overview of hardware compliance issues applicable to mainframe and server computers and their subcomponents.

Measurement Uncertainties in Outdoor Far-Field Antenna Ranges

This article presents a framework for assessing the measurement uncertainties on an outdoor far‑field elevated range.
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