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About Us

In Compliance is committed to delivering information that impacts electrical/electronics engineers in their daily work. We provide coverage of regulatory compliance issues, technical explanations and guidance, and inspiring new developments and technologies.

Our Motto: Help Engineer the Future

In Compliance strives to provide electronics engineers with the current information they need to produce compliant products for the betterment of technology and ultimately society.

In Compliance

The Pillars of Our Business


We work with the best and our editorial and content teams ensure that each contribution is well-written and presents substantive information. Our regard for the industry influences the high quality standards of our processes.


From author selection to news coverage, we do our best to meet the needs of our reader community. Our team believes in honest, hard work and has developed trust with our audience for continued commitment to excellence.


We are dedicated to delivering information to electrical and electronics engineers. The commitment to serving this industry began as early as 1987 when one of our founding members mentored with an engineering guru.


Our team consists of individuals that are creative thinkers and problem solvers. We like to think of ourselves as creative engineers! The behind-the-scenes curators, writers, and designers that enjoy serving this community.