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The Importance of ANSI C63.27 in Wireless Coexistence Testing for Connected Medical Devices

Integrating a radio into a medical device can have many benefits but also introduces new challenges in compliance. Ensuring coexistence with other radios can be critical to the essential performance of medical equipment.

Expected Service Life of Medical Electrical Equipment

The definition of “expected service life” included in IEC 60601-1 standard potentially generates confusion and misinterpretation. This article provides an analysis of the “real-life” implications of this definition and proposes some clarifications.

UK MHRA Launches Med Device Regulatory Consultation

The United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has initiated a public...

Printable Ink Protects Against Electromagnetic Radiation

A new ink created by KAUST engineers promises to provide users with added conductivity and transparency tradeoff.

The IEC 60601 Amendment Updates Have Published: Changes and Impacts

This article discusses the IEC 60601 Amendments Project, for Medical Electrical Safety, some of the changes to the General and Collateral Standards of the Project, and their impact on manufacturers. The future of the 60601 series of standards is also discussed.
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Challenges and Directions for Lifecycle Processes Supporting Conformity Assessment of Interoperable Medical Products

This article provides an overview of lifecycle issues for interoperable medical products that are not sufficiently addressed in existing medical device standards and identifies lifecycle concepts from other domains that may be adapted for interoperable medical systems.

Creating A Smart Insulin Patch The Size Of A Coin

UCLA researchers are making strides to create a smart patch capable of delivering insulin to patients directly through their skin.

Engineers At Stanford University Develop A Millimeter-Sized Wirelessly Powered Cardiac Device

Stanford engineers have crafted an incredibly small, wirelessly powered cardiac device that could help lead to smaller medical implants.

Scientists Measure Glucose Concentration in Human Body with Electromagnetic Waves

Scientists from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp have designed a sensor that is can determine the concentration of glucose in a living being using electromagnetic waves.

Scientists Construct World’s Lightest, Thinnest Signal Amplifier for Bioinstrumentation Use

Scientists from the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University have successfully created a new differential amplifier that is incredibly light and thin.
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