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An Overview of Aerospace Battery Compliance

The FAA has published requirements that require testing for all battery devices that are a part of the aircraft itself.

The Rise of Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) in Automobiles, Industrial Automation, and Aviation

Speed and determinism in design, made possible by time-sensitive networking (TSN) technology, is prompting the development of new TSN profiles for a multitude of applications across industry sectors. The IEEE 802.1™ Working Group of the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) offers numerous TSN profiles for applications, including the automotive, manufacturing, and aviation industries.

The Digital Thread: Reducing Electrical System Program Risk in the Aerospace Industry

OEMs are moving toward the digitalization of the design and integration of electrical and electronic systems in aerospace applications. This approach to design development may help aerospace OEMs avoid possible calamities in the future.

NASA and ESA Begin Electromagnetic Interference Testing for Orion

Engineers from NASA and the ESA are beginning testing of electromagnetic interference for Orion, the next spacecraft poised to carry humans into space.

Creating Faster And Safer Airport Scanners

Scientists from the Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology (ECIT) at Queen’s are working to develop airport scanners that are faster and more secure.
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New Satellite Designed To Fix Other Satellites While In Orbit

A new type of satellite has been developed that can fix other satellites even as they orbit.

NASA to Launch Inflatable Decelerator Technology into Space

Scientists from NASA will launch inflatable deceleration technology into space which could one day help humans visit Mars.

Final Thermal Vacuum Test of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Proves a Success

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has gone through its final thermal vacuum test, bringing it one step closer to its launch in 2021.

New Sensor on ISS Designed to Protect Space-Based Technologies

Scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory are testing a sensor on-orbit at the ISS to help monitor the space environment.

China Bans Cell Phones & Other Devices From Giant Telescope

Officials in China have issued a ban on certain devices coming within a 5-kilometer range of their Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope -- and are imposing serious bans for those who disobey.
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