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Meet the Team

Lorie Nichols

Lorie Nichols is the Publisher and Editor for In Compliance. Lorie’s dedication to excellence in information distribution took root in the electronics compliance industry at Dash, Straus and Goodhue (original publishers of Compliance Engineering magazine), moving on to nurture and grow Conformity magazine until 2009 when she became a founding partner of Same Page Publishing, Inc., creators of In Compliance magazine, e-newsletters, and Lorie’s creativity and entrepreneurial spirit are well suited to publishing where there’s always something new to innovate, cultivate and disseminate. When not working, Lorie’s greatest joy is spending time with her cherished family.

Sharon Smith
Business Development Director

Skilled in sales management but specialized in business development, Sharon has the unique ability to make big dreams come true. She helps organizations make meaningful connections with their desired target audience. You may see Sharon at many important industry events, as she travels around the globe connecting with new partners and meeting with highly skilled engineers to spread the word of In Compliance. In her personal time, she can be found at her family’s beach-house in Maine or taking impromptu road trips to embrace historic locations as she hunts for the best donut in the country.

Erin Feeney
Production Director

Erin is the master mixer of the magazine. She arranges the layout, makes sure our partners are placed properly, and keeps the staff on schedule! It can be a stressful job so when you go in Erin’s office you will find classic Disney imagery that floods the room with color, evokes imagination, and reminds us to carry our playful inner child into all that we do. When she isn’t slaving away to layout and production she can be found with her three rowdy cat-children and attending Comicon events.

Ashleigh O'Connor
Marketing Director

Ashleigh is a marketing communications geek with a passion for engaging people, learning their stories, and creating unique relevant experiences. She joined In Compliance in 2013 to kick our audience engagement into high gear as we continue to spread the word to EE professionals around the world. Bringing to the table a wide range of marketing and communications experience she has a knack for seeing above and through the trees, attuning to her audience, and creative ingenuity. Ashleigh and her team dedicate their time to developing quality news, information, and resources for engineers as well as designing and executing strategic marketing campaigns at the organizational level and in collaboration with our partners. When not connected by laptop or smartphone, Ashleigh enjoys being active and outdoors with her family including frequent trips to Cape Cod and New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

Alexis Evangelous
Circulation Director

Alexis ensures that all products are distributed in a timely fashion, coinciding with any marketing, advertising, or promotional activities. She also maintains and increases the subscription base by devising and implementing various promotional activities while coordinating with the marketing team, as well as managing circulation reporting throughout the year. Before joining ICM, Alexis was the assistant to the publisher/circulation at Conformity Magazine. Outside of work, Alexis spends time with her three daughters always looking for the next adventure. You will find Alexis hiking a mountain in search of her next heart shape rock or riding the waves at the beach.

Bill Von Achen
Features Editor

Bill von Achen is the Features Editor for InCompliance Magazine. Bill is devoted to staying abreast of the myriad changes in regulations and standards taking place worldwide, and working with compliance professionals to develop articles that help explain to our readers the significance of those changes. In addition to his work with ICM, Bill also consults on the development of business and marketing strategies with both domestic and international companies.