EMC Testing

Firmware: The Inexpensive Way to Address EMC Issues

Firmware is integral to the operation of most devices, and may represent an easier and less expensive pathway for addressing EMC issues. This article presents different approaches to modifying firmware as well as case studies illustrating the potential effectiveness of this approach.

Let’s Talk About… The Value of Pre-compliance Testing

Without much effort and expense, it is possible to perform pre-compliance testing in a manner that saves considerable time and money without commercial or financial risks associated with purchasing a full-compliance test facility.

Radio and EMC Testing Considerations

Understanding radio compliance and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) issues to help ensure that products meet regulatory testing requirements and customer expectations.

EMC Testing… The EU Experience

Changes to the FCC compliance rules in the U.S. now enable manufacturers to save time and cost by allowing self-testing. This article outlines some of the basic factors that determine RF and EMC behavior and how these determine compliance test methods.

Importance of Traceability in EMI Measurements

This article will introduce the concept of traceability, discuss the role an EMC test laboratory must assume to ensure traceability of test results and will introduce a future amendment to CISPR 16-1-1 which describes the requirements for calibration of EMI receivers and spectrum analyzers.

The Evolution of EMC Testing for Electrified Powertrains in Automotive Vehicles

3 evolution-of-emc-testing-smallFrom the time when automotive vehicles were essentially mechanical with spark ignition the only electrical system, through the many decades that brought the development of electrical, electronic and computer controlled automotive systems, the need for and methods of automotive testing have evolved along with the vehicles. At one time, electrical testing was sufficient. But with the dawn of the digital computer era, compatibility became a major issue. Those pesky clocked systems are inherently noise producers and are also subject to immunity issues.