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quantum computing

Single-Atom Transistor May Pave The Way For Quantum Computing

Engineers from NIST have designed a new method for creating single-atom transistors that could advance the field of quantum computing.

Detecting Environmental ‘Noise’ That Can Damage The Quantum State of Qubits

Scientists from MIT and Dartmough College have created a new type of tool that can detect specific characteristics of an environmental 'noise' known for its ability to destroy qubits.

Scientists Accelerate Supercurrents Using Light Waves for Quantum Computing

Scientists from Iowa State University have found a new way to accelerate supercurrents with the help of light waves, which could play a crucial role in the future of quantum computers.

Scientists Push the Limits of 2D Materials

Scientists from the University of Rochester have found a new way to combine 2D materials with oxide materials, which could have important implications for a number of applications.

Successfully Measuring the Accuracy of Two-Qubit Calculations in Silicon

Scientists have discovered a way to accurately measure the accuracy of two-qubit logic operations in silicon.
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Developing Two-Dimensional Semiconductors

Scientists from Michigan Technological University have discovered a new way to create two-dimensional semiconductors.

Google Unveils New Quantum Processor in a Quest to Outperform Supercomputers

Google has unveiled Bristlecone, its highly anticipated new quantum processor.

2D Superconductor Materials Show Promise for Future of Quantum Computers

A new compound could unlock the secrets of quantum computing.

Quantum Leap: Building A Better Qubit

Quantum computing takes a giant leap forward thanks to a team of Australian scientists.

Microwave Detection is now 14 Times Better

Researchers from Aalto University in Finland have set a new world record for microwave detection. They developed a device that has 14 times higher energy resolution of thermal photodetection.
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