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Follow Your Nose

Olfactory nerves lie at the top of your nasal passages and their associated axons...

Surface Voltage and Field Strength – Part 1: Insulators

Associate Professor Neils Jonassen authored a bi-monthly static column that appeared in Compliance Engineering...

Off In Space: A Visit to NASA Glenn and Plum Brook Test Facilities

The next couple of installments of Reality Engineering will carry a spacey theme, in recognition of the ongoing efforts of rocket scientists and engineers in our community. Testing and verification of space-borne systems are critically important, you don’t get “do-overs” in space shots (we found that out in an earlier post “The Ringing Rocket"). Here we visit some NASA facilities that proved out Apollo-era designs and are being maintained for the next phase of space engineering.

Designing Effective Product Safety Labels: How to Convey Risk Severity Levels

Designing product safety labels that help to prevent injuries and save lives is a multi-faceted task. This month, we’ll focus on another key element: communicating risk using signal words.

A Wreck of an Airplane

The C-47 Skytrain banked sharply left and the runway came into view, a slash...
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Characteristics of Air as an Insulator

A few months ago, we built a clear plastic box containing a four-inch square...

The View from the Chalkboard – August 2014

This month’s “theme” I think can best be summarized as “Learning it by DOING...

On Maxwell, The Natural Philosopher

James Clerk Maxwell was a man of prodigious and singular gifts, of insight, curiosity...

Thermocouples and Temperature Measurement

One of our members suggested I write about thermocouples and temperature measurement. Textbooks have...

Al’s Notebook

I love fools’ experiments. I am always making them. To discover anything new, one...
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