The iNARTE Informer – May 2011

HEADQUARTERS NEWS This month we have some great news to share with our members. On March 21, 2011, the iNARTE Board of Directors voted unanimously in favor of an Affiliation Agreement with RABQSA Internation... Read More...
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Change of Address

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The iNARTE Informer – April 2011

SYMPOSIUM EXAMINATION SCHEDULE FOR 2011 iNARTE has confirmed our attendance at the following key Symposiums during 2011. At each of these events we will be exhibiting, taking certification applications, proc... Read More...

Travels with Frosty: Days in Turkiye

Frosty and I went to Turkey to do a little shielding work. “Travels with Frosty,” coming at you. We rendez-vous’d at the United Counter, Frosty sporting his signature cowboy boots and white T-shirt, a ponyta... Read More...

The iNARTE Informer – February 2011

GOODBYE TO AN OLD FRIEND In December 2010, our long time colleague and administrator of the iNARTE EMC program in Japan, Teru Kawahara, retired from KEC. We were pleased to be able to visit him and present h... Read More...

A Tall Tale: What’s Luck Got to Do With It?

Rising above the tidal marshes of Southern New Jersey stands a red and white antenna tower shadowing a World War II era radio shack. The marsh was a simple mosquito nursery in the 40s when the first modest building—a cinder block foundation and stick-framed walls— was erected as part of a string of radio stations that formed a wartime network on the East Coast. German subs prowled the waters just off the shore of Cape May which hosted just a few houses and one general store with peeling gray paint and sway-back roofline.


The iNARTE Informer – January 2011

THE DEMOGRAPHICS OF EMC CERTIFICATION In recent years, iNARTE management has witnessed some dramatic changes regarding the levels of interest in becoming an iNARTE Certified Engineer or Technician. Twenty ye... Read More...
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The iNARTE Informer – December 2010

ASSOCIATE LEVEL CERTIFICATION Over the last three months we have discussed the various Elements that are required to be satisfied in order to achieve iNARTE Certification, the four “Es” of Education, Experie... Read More...

The iNARTE Informer – November 2010

CRITERIA FOR CERTIFICATION Last month we featured the first two Elements, Education and Experience, of the four “Es” that are required to achieve iNARTE Certification in any of the following disciplines: ... Read More...