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The iNARTE Informer – December 2010

ASSOCIATE LEVEL CERTIFICATION Over the last three months we have discussed the various Elements that...

The iNARTE Informer – November 2010

CRITERIA FOR CERTIFICATION Last month we featured the first two Elements, Education and Experience, of...

The iNARTE Informer – October 2010

CRITERIA FOR CERTIFICATION Last month we began a series of articles to provide readers with...

The iNARTE Informer – September 2010

WHAT IS CERTIFICATION? A recent IN Compliance survey showed that many readers wanted to know...

The iNARTE Informer – July 2010

HEADQUARTERS NEWS We are back to full strength at the office. Our new FCC operations...
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Regulatory Compliance Program for a Manufacturer’s Product Development Program and the Role of the Compliance Specialist

In the ever-changing global economy there is a growing number of product regulatory compliance requirement standards being imposed on manufacturers. Before marketing their products to domestic and international customers a manufacturer must deal with regulatory issues that apply to the development of their products. This results in the manufacturer having to have a regulatory compliance function within his company’s organizational structure that is staffed by competent well-trained personnel. This includes a Compliance Specialist who will need to stay abreast of the steadily changing regulatory compliance requirements, technology advances, and new areas of product regulations. The primary areas where product regulatory compliance requirements are applied are EMC, Product Safety, Environmental Protection, and Energy Conservation. All of these requirements have a direct impact on a product’s development program that includes its quality and reliability attributes.

The iNARTE Informer – May 2010

HEADQUARTERS NEWS Unfortunately our administrator for the FCC Licensure side of our operation, Judy Sydow,...

The iNARTE Informer – March 2010

HEADQUARTERS NEWS We are delighted to welcome Jeameeka White to our Headquarters’ staff. Jeameeka is...

Training For Your Compliance Career in 2010

The start of a new year is a time when, traditionally, we reflect on the progress we made during the year passed and set our goals for the new year. More often than not your professional development goals include training or some form of higher education to expand or refresh your technical knowledge. To assist you in choosing affordable solutions to meet your training goals in 2010, you’ll find here sources of compliance related seminars and workshops offered online and on location, public and private.

The iNARTE Informer, January 2010

iNARTE’s Education Advisory Committees are busy planning their 2010 schedule of professional development workshops.
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