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wireless charging

Dynamic Systems Enables Powerful Wireless Charging Stations for Vehicles

Researchers from ORNL have created a new wireless charging station for vehicles that has a 120-kilowatt capability.

Using WiFi to Wirelessly Transmit Electricity to a Moving Object

New innovations and ideas are steadily improving the versatility and effectiveness of wirelessly charging electric vehicles.

Open-Air Wireless Charging Technology Demonstrated by Disney Research

Disney Research has created a way to wirelessly charge your handheld devices.

IEC Releases IEC 62827-1:2016, Standard for Wireless Power Transfer

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has published the first edition of IEC 62827-1:2016, "Wireless power transfer...

Electrical Engineers Develop Charger that Supports Different Wireless Standards

Electrical engineers have developed a new technology for wireless charging that supports different wireless...
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Wireless Charging for Smartphones

The race for wireless charging is on—the pad-based systems that are on the market...

Wireless Vehicle Charging on England’s Highways

England’s roads are about to get greener. Highways England, the government-owned company that handles...

Free Space Wireless Charging

Wireless charging technologies usually require devices to stay in one place within a few...

Wireless Charging for Public Transportation

Electric vehicles have two obvious advantages over their popular gasoline-fueled counterparts: they are better...

Researchers Developing Way to Charge Electric Vehicles as they Travel

Utah State University researchers are exploring the feasibility of transmitting coils being installed below roads to wirelessly charge electric vehicles as they are in motion. According to one of the researchers on the project, range anxiety is a significant factor in why electric cars have not been popular with consumers.

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