Two Pin HBM Testing: A New Option?

Human Body Model (HBM) is the original ESD test method for semiconductor devices and is still the most widely used ESD test . This article will discuss the old, but now new Two Pin HBM Tester. Not only are the ... Read More...

Newly Released ESD Standards

In the past six months, EOS/ESD Association, Inc. released eight new or revised documents on electrical overstress (EOS), grounding, packaging materials, seating (chairs), footwear, hand tools, gloves, and human metal model.

Static Control Flooring – Conductive or Dissipative?

Let’s look at how a static control flooring system is intended to function. The flooring systems’ purpose is to provide an electrical path, typically to ground, for personnel when used in conjunction with static control footwear, for removal (equalization) of electrostatic charge.