What’s the Trouble with AMRs?

Absolute Maximum Ratings (AMR) are typically listed on semiconductor product datasheets, warning that overstress results in physical damage, jeopardizing reliability.

HBM Pin Combinations

Should I use the pin combinations in Table 2A or Table 2B per Human Body Model (HBM) standard JS-001?
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ESD Device Modeling: Part 1

ESD models may be used for simulating on-chip integrated circuits or system (board) level circuits with discrete electronic components like diodes, TVS devices, and bipolar junction transistors (BJTs).
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Why Tunnel FETs?

The answer to this question is linked with breakdown of Moore’s law and Dennard’s scaling theory.
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Component Modeling for System-level ESD Simulation

Over the past 5 or 6 years, industry and university researchers have advanced the state of the art in system-level ESD simulation, and this article provided an overview of some of those activities.