Verotec’s Heavy Duty KM6-HD Card Cage Independently Tested to MIL-STD-167

Verotec’s KM6-HD, the ruggedized variant of the popular KM6 family, has recently been independently tested to MIL-STD-167 and has met its requirements both as an empty chassis and when partly and fully loaded with PCBs and modules.

The KM6-HD card cage is available as standard in 3U, 6U and 9U heights, accepting Eurocards up to 400mm deep in both IEC60297 and IEEE1101.10/11 configurations. The system’s design includes positive guide locking with optional screw-down retention, heavy-duty two-screw tiebar fixings into the 3mm thick side plates to give precision location, good rigidity and resistance to bowing or twisting.

To conform to the requirements of major backplane architectures such as VMEbus, VXI, VME64x, VPX, VXS, cPCI and PXI, an Iridite NCP conductive finish throughout and slide-in double swipe RFI continuity gaskets fitted to the 19” rack mounting angles and rear closing angles providing electrical continuity to adjacent panels in the front and rear apertures. Side plates are solid; solid top and bottom covers may be fitted to preserve EMC integrity; EMC vent pattern covers that facilitate cooling are also available as standard. Front and rear closing panels provide a fully screened EMC environment; inject/eject front panel handles, grounding clips, ESD clips and coding keys are available.

KM6-HD is compatible with the comprehensive range of KM6-II accessories including front panels, plug-in units and peripheral mounting assemblies.

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