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Rohde & Schwarz to host RF Design Challenge at IMS2023

This year at the International Microwave Symposium (IMS), Rohde & Schwarz is presenting a new way to experience and demonstrate solutions for RF and microwave applications. At the company’s booth (#735), attendees can put their design knowledge to test with the Rohde & Schwarz “Are you a genius?” RF Design challenge.

New Waveguide Power Amps Support Frequency Bands from 26.5 to 96 GHz

Fairview Microwave, an Infinite Electronics brand, has unveiled a new series of waveguide power amplifiers designed to cover high mm-wave frequency bands from 26.5 GHz to 96 GHz.

SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES Introduces Handheld Spectrum and Vector Network Analyzer

This handheld spectrum and vector network analyzer is highly integrated and specifically designed for field operation. It is lightweight and portable with accurate measurements and flexible analysis capabilities.

Outdoor AC Panel Surge Protectors with High-Capacity MOV, 100-300 kA Options

Transtector, an Infinite Electronics brand, has released a new line of outdoor AC panel surge protectors with high-capacity metal oxide varistor (MOV) technology.

New EMI Filter Dramatically Reduces Space and Weight

Spectrum Control has introduced a dual line common mode panel mount EMI filter that reduces space and weight by 50% compared to two single line filters. It delivers reliable EMI filtering of common mode noise from 30 kHz to 1 GHz and differential mode noise from 30 kHz to 10 MHz.
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Electrically Conductive Adhesive for High-Performance Electronics

Electrically conductive adhesive (ECA) is a revolutionary material changing the game for electronic devices. This adhesive offers unique benefits and uses that make it an essential component in high-performance electronics.

HV Technologies Celebrates 25th Anniversary

HV TECHNOLOGIES, Inc., a family-owned business specializing in the distribution and servicing of HV (high voltage) and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) test equipment, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

World’s First Multilayer Band-Pass Filter for Millimeter Wave Bands in 5G Networks

TDK Corporation has expanded its lineup of high frequency multilayer products with the world’s first* multilayer band-pass filter for the 28 GHz band in 5G mobile communication networks.

Electrical Shock Hazard Prompts Recall of Skylight Power Adapters Sold with Digital Photo Frames

Skylight issues recall for power adapters sold with digital photo frames due to electrical shock hazard. 

UL Approved 400 VDC IEC Connector System GP21 / GS21 Receives VDE Mark

SCHURTER's recently announced 400 VDC connector system, GS21 socket-outlet and GP21 plug, has now achieved VDE certification, along with its previous UL approval.
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