Volkswagen e-Golf Recalled for Battery Issues

Volkswagen is recalling 5,561 electric vehicles because a bug in the battery management software can cause the cars to unexpectedly stall, creating a crash hazard. The recall includes certain model year 2015-2016 e-Golf vehicles.
Faraday Future Concept Car

Meet Faraday Future’s Concept Car

The company’s plans for the future are more radical than the vehicle itself. It suggests a subscription model, where a self-driving car would pick you up wherever and whenever you request it. Or even better, the car would already know your schedule, so it would automatically bring you to your next appointment, and maybe even suggest restaurant you might like to stop at along the way.
fast car

Autonomous Vehicle Racing Coming in 2016

The world’s first driverless car racing series is coming next year. To develop the new race, Formula E, the electric-powered car racing series, has partnered with Kinetik, a venture capital company that describ... Read More...