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electric vehicles

EMC & eMobility

For a company embarking on EMC testing for either component or vehicle-level testing of their EV products, it is necessary first to have a good understanding of the EMC regulatory situation.

New Thermal Management Process Could Double Life-Span of EV Batteries

An Israeli company is pioneering the development and use of a battery system for...

Wireless EV Charging Could Pose Threat to AM Reception

The sale of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to accelerate around the world as both...

Health Monitoring and Prediction of Cells in a Battery Module or Pack Under Operating Condition

The state of health of cells in a battery pack under operating condition is difficult to obtain through existing IEC and ISO standard methods under laboratory conditions. However, a cell state of health (SOH) profile shall be able to establish by the comparison of electro-impedance spectroscopy (EIS) generated statically versus dynamic operating data retrieved by battery management system (BMS) communication interface as fragments of EIS.

Low-Frequency Magnetic Fields in Electric Vehicles

Low-frequency magnetic fields, a type of electromagnetic disturbance commonly found in electric vehicles, can pose potential health hazards to humans and affect the operation of critical EV components. Here are some design techniques to help mitigate the problem.
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Everything You Need to Know About EV Battery and BMS Testing in Validation and Production Scenarios

EV batteries and battery packs are complex systems, requiring a comprehensive design and testing strategy to help ensure safe and efficient electrical power.

EMC Design Techniques for Electric Vehicle DC-DC Converters

DC-DC converters are among the most important modules in an electric vehicle. In this article, we offer three recommendations to address design aspects of DC-DC converters that will make a huge difference in their EMC performance.

New Solder Composition Could Extend Life of EV Electronics

A group of international researchers has reportedly developed a new formula for solder that...

EMC Design Techniques for Electric Vehicle Powertrain Modules

This article presents the EMC design techniques for electric vehicle powertrain modules. High voltage EMC regulations for powertrain modules are reviewed first to help understand associated design challenges. The design techniques are then demonstrated in detail to help engineers design a module that will pass the EMC requirements in the test chamber.

Using Magnetism to Wirelessly Recharge Electric Cars on the Road

Scientists are working on a practical method for charging electric cars, robots, and even drones wirelessly.
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