New Thermal Management Process Could Double Life-Span of EV Batteries

An Israeli company is pioneering the development and use of a battery system for electric vehicles (EVs) that can offer both increased safety and extended battery life.

According to a posting on the yahoo!finance website, the company, Carrar, has developed a two-phase battery thermal management solution that minimizes the risk of thermal runaway, thereby significantly increasing battery safety. At the same time, by optimizing the operating temperature range of the battery, the company’s innovative thermal management technology can help to double the effective battery life, thereby reducing the environmental impact of battery waste.

Carrar has recently announced a partnership with Rochling Automotive, a German-based supplier of customized plastic solutions, to develop a fully-sealed module for EV batteries that incorporates both Carrar’s advanced thermal management technology and Rochling’s lightweight plastic solutions.

Read the yahoo!finance posting.

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