ON Semiconductor Expands Options for High-Quality CCD Image Capture

ON Semiconductor is expanding its portfolio of high performance CCD image sensors with its latest device targeted to industrial imaging applications. The new 8.6 megapixel, APS-H optical format KAI-08670 Image Sensor joins a family of advanced CCD image sensors that provide the critical imaging performance needed for the most demanding applications.

The KAI-08670 Image Sensor is the latest member of the TRUESENSE® 7.4 micron (µm) Interline Transfer CCD Family, which provides superior image quality for the most demanding imaging applications.  The KAI-08670 joins the 2 (1080p), 4, and 16 megapixel members of this family in providing advanced imaging performance, including use of a high sensitivity 7.4 µm pixel, dynamic range of 70 decibels (dB) (extendable to 82 dB in binned pixel operation), electronic shutter, and 115 dB of smear rejection – allowing these devices to excel under the most challenging imaging conditions.  The family is also pin and package compatible with ON Semiconductor’s 5.5 µm pixel family of CCD image sensors, allowing camera manufacturers to easily leverage existing camera designs to support the new devices.

The KAI-08670 is available in monochrome, Bayer Color, and TRUESENSE Sparse Color Filter Pattern configurations, providing a full range of color and sensitivity options.  Engineering Grade devices are available today, with full production planned by the end of the year.  An evaluation kit is available that allows the imaging performance of the KAI-08670 (and other ON Semiconductor CCD Image Sensors) to be quickly and easily examined in detail without the need to develop a full camera design.

Additional information on the KAI-08670 Image Sensor is available at http://www.onsemi.com/PowerSolutions/product.do?id=KAI-08670.

ON Semiconductor Expands Options for High-Quality CCD Image Capture | In Compliance Magazine

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