Telcordia Publishes New GR-3173 Requirements



Telcordia has issued new generic requirements for “Hybrid Optical and Electrical Cables for Use in Wireless Outdoor Fiber To The Antenna (FTTA) Applications.” GR-3173, Issue 1 is now available for purchase on the Telcordia website.


“GR-3173 sets forth proposed generic technical requirements and characteristics of hybrid optical and electrical cables for use in wireless Fiber To The Antenna (FTTA) applications. The initial focus of GR-3173-CORE, Issue 1, is on hybrid optical and electrical cables for outdoor tower applications. This includes connections between local and remote base stations.

This GR represents the expressed need and interests of the funding companies of the GR-3173 Telcordia Technical Forum (TTF), and may meet the needs of other Communications Service Providers (CSPs), cable and equipment manufacturers, and integrators. The requirements are based on accepted National and International industry standards and specifications, the needs and deployment environments of CSPs, and optical fiber and cable manufacturers’ views of industry-required criteria.

GR-3173 includes:

  • Proposed functional design criteria.
  • Generic environmental, mechanical, optical, and electrical performance requirements.
  • Desired features.
  • Test methods for comparing the cable product against the stated generic requirements. The specified test methods are intended to provide a consistent and repeatable methodology that reflects the operational conditions for hybrid optical and electrical cable analysis.

GR-3173 is also intended to specify sampling criteria and test methodology information for Independent Test Laboratories (ITLs) to provide consistent and repeatable results for hybrid optical and electrical cable test programs. This testing information is for ITL testing only and is not sufficient for production testing for manufacturer quality control testing that requires many more test samples to achieve the desired statistical significance.”

*Description from Telcordia website.