UL 1690 Standard for Data-Processing Cable Updated

electrical cables photo

UL has announced a new edition of UL 1690, the standard for data-processing cable. The 4th edition has been issued to reflect the reaffirmation of the ANSI approval. No changes in requirements have been made. The new edition can be purchased on the UL website.


These requirements cover electrical cables consisting of one or more current-carrying copper, aluminum, or copper-clad aluminum conductors with or without either or both grounding conductor(s), and one or more optical-fiber members, all under an overall jacket. These electrical and composite electrical/optical-fiber cables are intended for use (optical and electrical functions associated in the case of a hybrid cable) in accordance with Article 645 and other applicable parts of the National Electrical Code (NEC) under the raised floor of a computer room.

*Description from the UL website.

Photo by Jordanhill School D&T Dept

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