Giga-tronics Introduces New Real Time Threat Emulation System

giga-tronicsGiga-tronics Incorporated announced in December the release of the new Real Time Threat Emulation System. This system combines the unique multichannel fast-switching capabilities of Giga-tronics’ Advanced Signal Generator hardware platform together with software based on decades of threat simulation.

John Regazzi, President and CEO of Giga-tronics, said “I am happy to announce a major milestone in the evolution of our company: the world’s first truly commercial off-the-shelf threat system. We utilized over 35 years of microwave design expertise to create a state-of-the-art commercial hardware platform, and through a strong industry partnership, we have leveraged decades-long threat simulation software experience allowing us to offer a truly turnkey solution that meets our customers’ current and next generation testing needs. For many years customers have requested an alternative to large-scale, long lead time system with high support and maintenance costs. Today I’m happy to offer our customers a powerful, low lead time, easy to maintain, next generation test platform.”

Mark Elo, VP of Marketing of Giga-tronics, said “Our software and hardware solution redefines the market for mid to high density dynamic threat signal generation. Its compact form factor, combined with advanced capability such as soft port/channel operation, dynamic emitter capability and an easy to scale architecture, meets our customers’ needs within the Electronic Warfare community for what has been traditionally an underserved market. This strong hardware and software solution significantly increases the available market we can serve. All indications from our pre-launch activities show good market acceptance.”

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