Giga-tronics Incorporated Leverages Pentek’s FPGA Boards to Enhance Solutions for Next Generation Radar and Electronic Warfare Test System

radarGiga-tronics announced that Giga-tronics Incorporated has chosen Pentek’s FPGA boards to enhance solutions for next generation radar and electronic warfare (EW) test systems.

Giga-tronics designs and builds advanced frequency-agile, phase-coherent, multi-channel microwave signal generators and analyzers – providing key microwave transmission and receiver capabilities for radar and EW applications. The addition of flexible baseband signal processing – using Pentek’s FPGA products – provides legacy and next generation threat-radar and electronic-counter-measure systems with simulation capabilities.

Used in the Giga-tronics Advanced Signal Generation, GT-ASGM18A, and Analysis System, GT-ASAM18A, the Pentek 78620, 3-Channel 200 MHz A/D and 2-Channel 800 MHz D/A with Virtex-6 FPGA PCIe boards, provide the computational and baseband signal generation capability required to emulate multiple emitters in real-time.

Rodger Hosking, Vice President and Co-founder of Pentek said, “The Pentek Model 78620’s built-in data acquisition and waveform generation features offer an ideal turnkey solution for radar and electronic warfare baseband signal simulation. We are extremely gratified that Giga-tronics chose Pentek as their board supplier.”

Mark Elo, VP of Marketing at Giga-tronics said, “We are extremely pleased to be able to provide commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions for solving very complex radar and electronic warfare simulation challenges using Pentek FPGA boards.” He added, “Combined with our Advanced Signal Generator and Analyzer product platform, we are providing state-of-the-art capabilities with high levels of signal fidelity and performance.”

Photo by Dawn Endico

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