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AXIe Modular Instrument Platform Selected for Electronic Warfare Upgrade

Department of DefenseOn November 17, 2015, the AXIe Consortium announced that a leading prime contractor has chosen to use the AXIe standard for a significant upgrade within a major weapons program’s operational test and verification systems. This upgrade ensures mission readiness today, combined with next generation capabilities for the challenges future radar threats may bring. Companies represented in the placed orders include Giga-tronics Inc., Guzik Technical Enterprises, and Keysight Technologies, Inc.

AXIe provides the electronic warfare community state of the art measurement capability in a modular COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) format. Key measurements include high-speed microwave signal generation and analysis, enabled by ultra-wide bandwidth digitizers and arbitrary waveform generators. The modular nature of AXIe allows solutions to scale from single channel applications to multiple coherent channels. The open system aspect of AXIe allows products from different vendors to be tightly integrated for a customer solution.

Mark Elo, Vice President of Marketing at Giga-tronics, said, “This win is a great proof point for the applicability of the AXIe standard for electronic warfare. AXIe products are generating and analyzing signals that only expensive custom built hardware could have performed in the past.”

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How to Perform a Radiated Emissions Measurement

Radiated emissions testing is the measurement of the electromagnetic field of the emissions that are unintentionally being generated by the equipment under test.

Lauri Viitas, Director of Business Development for Guzik’s modular division said, “The Guzik general purpose digitizers have proven success in the magnetic recording industry. The adoption of AXIe now enables these high performance instruments to be applied to a variety of new electronic signal capture and analysis applications.”

Juergen Beck, Vice President and General Manager of the Digital & Photonic Test Division at Keysight Technologies, said, “The high signal fidelity and wide bandwidth of the Keysight M8190A 12Gs/s AXIe arbitrary waveform generator makes it the modular signal generator of choice for this application. Its sub-microsecond switching times and deep memory makes it particularly applicable in dealing with the latest waveform requirements.”

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