Giga-tronics signs Software Agreement with Lockheed Martin

contractGiga-tronics Incorporated announces that it has entered into a strategic software licensing arrangement with Lockheed Martin to develop and license threat simulation software as a commercial product that brings advanced threat environment simulation capability to its new Advanced Signal Generator Hardware Platform. The Company expects to be shipping the Advanced Signal Generator with the new software package within 6 months. The Software and Hardware will be sold together as a Real-Time Threat Emulation System (Real-Time TEmS), for distribution to US customers only.

This is a win for the Electronic Warfare community, Lockheed Martin and Giga-tronics. The threat generation software is built by a team that has a strong legacy of program support and brings many new capabilities in a Commercial Off the Shelf solution that is both ready as a turnkey bench solution or a scalable alternative for larger projects.

Mark Elo, Vice President of Marketing of Giga-tronics

John Regazzi, President and CEO of Giga-tronics, said “Lockheed Martin was one of the initial Advanced Signal Generator customers, this partnership demonstrates their belief in its potential and capabilities.”

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