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Don MacArthur

Don MacArthur is a Guest Contributor to In Compliance Magazine. He has over 30 years of experience in product development, EMC, testing, and product safety compliance. He has developed products for military, commercial, and industrial applications.

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How to Select Absorbing Materials for Retrofitting

If you think you’re ever going to need to use flexible RF absorber sheets to help your product pass emissions, even at some later date, it might be a good idea to have already identified and obtained the material and have characterized its insertion-loss performance.

The Calculation of Creepage and Clearance Distances Using a Spacings Calculator

The calculation of creepage and clearance distances (spacings) is one of the most important activities a product safety/compliance engineer or technician performs throughout the product development process.

The Synergy of Filtering and Shielding

This article briefly describes the concept of the synergy of filtering and shielding and why knowing it is important.

Power Amplifier Linearity Requirements per IEC 61000-4-3

Introduction The 2020 edition of IEC 61000-4-3 contains several significant technical changes. According to the...

Non-Technical Considerations Often Overlooked When Determining ROI for an In-House EMC Chamber

Are you considering the purchase of an EMC chamber for in-house testing? If so, what factors should you consider for determining if the investment is a wise choice or if the continued utilization of a third-party test facility is the better option?
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How EMI Filters Are Specified For RF Performance

Don’t overlook the fact that EMI filters can be used to prevent unwanted RF noise (such as electrical fast transient burst, conducted RF, and some surges) from entering susceptible devices.

How Not to Blow Up Your Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum analyzers are expensive pieces of equipment that should be handled with care, especially when it involves applying signals to the RF input. Some new users may not know what “care” means and how to go about ensuring the spectrum analyzer they’re using is protected from overloading and damage.

The Importance of Considering RF Suppression Techniques Early in Design

This article briefly describes why it's important to consider what RF suppression/filtering techniques will be applied to your product as early in the design process as possible.

Pre-layout Signal Integrity/Power Integrity Simulation Software Expectations

This article briefly describes the most important pre-layout elements to look for when selecting a SI/PI software simulation package.

Oscilloscope Probe Considerations

A basic knowledge of the probe types and their performance capabilities is important because their operation can affect the whole system under test and measurement results obtained.
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