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Don MacArthur

Don MacArthur is a Guest Contributor to In Compliance Magazine. He has over 30 years of experience in product development, EMC, testing, and product safety compliance. He has developed products for military, commercial, and industrial applications.

From This Author

IEEE Recommended Practice for Antenna Measurements

Even if you are not involved in the practice of the measurement of antennas but have a passing interest and would like to learn more, this is the standard to read. Doing so will quickly get you up to speed, saving you many hours of unnecessary research and much confusion.

Human Body Model ESD Testing

To provide in-depth coverage of ESD testing methods, in this article, we look at another type of ESD testing based on the “Human Body Model” (HBM) method of ESD testing.

Quarter-Wavelength Impedance Matching Networks

This article describes a loss-less impedance matching technique that does not require the use of discrete components but instead uses cables or printed circuit board (PCB) traces, i.e., distributed elements or transmission lines.

What To Do When Your Product Must Comply with Conflicting Requirements

As a compliance engineering professional, you may encounter situations when you must consider how multiple and often conflicting requirements apply to your product and how to deal with them effectively.

Most Important PCB Layer Stack-up Considerations That Achieve Optimal EMC Performance

There are many books and other reference materials available that describe proper printed circuit...
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Signal Integrity Versus EMC

This article addresses two very common questions involving two interrelated and specialized sub-fields within the realm of compliance engineering.

Use of Ferrites in PCB Reference Planes

Should the reference (i.e., ground) plane be split into two separate sections and a ferrite bead installed between them to prevent unwanted radio frequency emissions? Let’s examine why this practice is not a good idea and should be avoided at all costs.

Proper Heatsink Grounding

A common question in new product development is, “How do I properly ground the heatsink?” As a practicing compliance professional, this is an important question to have at least an idea of how to respond.

Post-layout Signal Integrity/Power Integrity Simulation Software Expectations

Discover the most important post-layout elements when selecting a SI/PI software simulation package.

Proper Oscilloscope Triggering

A common problem experienced by novice oscilloscope users is the inability to effectively capture signals we're trying to measure.
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