University of Nevada Opens New Earthquake Engineering Laboratory

The College of Engineering at the University of Nevada held a grand opening of their new earthquake engineering laboratory on Tuesday, June 24th. This new laboratory, along with the Large-Scale Structures Laboratory, makes this facility the largest and most versatile large-scale structure earthquake/seismic facility in the United States.

The Earthquake Engineering Laboratory is housed in a five-story 24,500 square foot building and features four shake tables, state-of-the-art computer control room and a 140 seat auditorium. The expansion of the Earthquake Engineering lab offers a space for experiments that could not be performed in the large-scale structures lab. It also will offer more space for student projects, and can be used by construction industry companies, other research institutes, and government agencies.  According the dean of the College of Engineering, Manos Maragakis, the facility “will test new designs and materials that will improve our homes, hospitals, offices and highway systems.”

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