UL Approved 400 VDC IEC Connector System GP21 / GS21 Receives VDE Mark


SCHURTER’s recently announced 400 VDC connector system, GS21 socket-outlet and GP21 plug, has now achieved VDE certification, along with its previous UL approval. This newly acquired status makes SCHURTER the first producer of a connector system rated for 400 VDC, which is designed according to the IEC standard TS 62735-1 for a power level up to 2.6kW, enabling a worldwide standardized approach to DC power distribution in data centers.

This certification also verifies the hot plug rating of the two products. According to the IEC TS 62735-1 standard, the connector system is tested for an overload during test stage 1 and 2 and normal operation in stage 3 and 4.

The new IEC standard for DC power distribution requires a more complex design than traditional AC connector systems, outlined in the IEC standard 60320. The DC connector systems must be designed considering the increased potential for arcing when disconnecting the DC power supply under load.

The GP21 / GS21 has a permissible operating temperature range of -5 °C to +105 °C. The rewireable plug, GP21 accommodates a cable cross-section of between 0.75 mm²/18 AWG and 1.5 mm²/16 AWG. The socket-outlet, GS21 offers mounting options for 1.5 mm or 2.0 mm panels. Terminals are quick connect 6.3 x 0.8 mm or PCB.


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