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The iNARTE Informer – June 2013


Members of the iNARTE Advisory Committee (iNAC) met on May 9, 2013 to discuss the current state of iNARTE as a product offering of RABQSA International. In attendance were members of the RABQSA Executive team, Peter Holtmann (CEO), Sal Agnello, and Adam Maxwell, and members of the newly formed iNAC, Elya Joffe (iNAC Chair), Kimball Williams, Terry Welsher, Mike Violette, Michael Hayden, and L Behr.

One responsibility of the iNAC is to serve as the Certification Review Committee, reviewing completed iNARTE application files for the various iNARTE certification programs. This review process provides an important step in the certification approval process to ensure that those achieving certification not only meet the knowledge requirements by passing the necessary examination, but also that their education and work experience are appropriate for meeting the certification requirements.

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VSWR and its Effects on Power Amplifiers

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio results from an impedance mismatch between a source (an amplifier) and a load (test application). This mismatch can influence the performance of the source.

The iNAC also provides valuable input to the RABQSA Executive team regarding the global issues and trends for the various iNARTE certifications and the industries that these programs serve. It was the iNAC that assisted RABQSA in understanding how the newly developed Wireless Device Certification Professional (WDCP) certification program may move forward in the future and how Product Safety may be updated to reflect its important aspect within many industries.



Members of the RABQSA Board of Directors and the RABQSA Management Team met on May 10, 2013 to review the activities of RABQSA and iNARTE in 2012-13 and look forward to the strategies for the upcoming 2013-14 business plan year.

In attendance were Jay Baron, Sal Agnello, Vipin Sahni, Prakash Sathe, Jenny Lewis, Mary Rehm, Elya Joffe, Monique Inman, Cindy McHenry, Adam Maxwell, Andrew Baines, Mike Violette, Paul Borowski, and Peter Holtmann.

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1306 inarte photo1

(from left to right) Jay Baron, Sal Agnello, Vipin Sahni, Prakash Sathe (back), Jenny Lewis (front), Mary Rehm, Elya Joffe, Monique Inman, Cindy McHenry, Adam Maxwell, Andrew Baines, Mike Violette, Paul Borowski, and Peter Holtmann



RABQSA is proud to announce that we now have several Individual Proctors on military bases overseas who are proctoring the FCC examinations for military personnel. RABQSA would like to thank these individuals for their military service and for becoming iNARTE Proctors who have chosen to assist our service men and women in obtaining their FCC licenses.

In an effort to accommodate our iNARTE customers to ensure they travel fewer miles from their home, RABQSA is recruiting test centers and individual proctors to administer the iNARTE and FCC examinations. If you are interested in becoming an iNARTE Authorized Test Center or iNARTE Individual Test Proctor, please fill out the application form located at



To ensure you receive access to your iNARTE records via the RABQSA Online Portal when it is made available, send your name, certificate number, and current email address to Laura Funk, RABQSA Office Assistant, Certification Services, at

iNARTE (International Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers) is a product of RABQSA (Registrar Accreditation Board and Quality Society of Australasia) International, Inc.

RABQSA’s mission is to provide world-class products and services that add value to professionals in industry through competency-based certification. RABQSA creates value for you and your customers. We design, develop, and deliver personnel and training certification services relevant to your industry. Our certification services are designed to be efficient, consistent and relevant to Industry’s needs. We create and maintain value to industry, our certified professionals, and training providers by ensuring that our certification remains relevant and also compliant to international standards. RABQSA International certification delivers the right people, with the right abilities, to achieve the right outcomes.
RABQSA’s principal offices are located in Sydney, Australia, Milwaukee, USA and Seoul, Korea and international offices located throughout the world.

To learn more about the iNARTE certification programs, visit To learn more about RABQSA, visit www.rabqsa.comfavicon



Last month’s question was from the EMC Design Engineer pool:

In Automotive EMC testing according to CISPR 25, what value of series capacitance is in the LISN (Artificial Network) between the power supply and equipment under test (EUT)?

  1. 500 µF
  2. 50 µF
  3. 5 µF
  4. A series capacitor is not used.

The correct answer is D) A series capacitor is not used.


This month’s question is from the Product Safety Engineer pool:

An Information Technology Equipment rack mount power distribution unit connects to the AC mains via a NEMA L5-30P attachment plug. It has a series of NEMA 5-15R panel mount AC output receptacles and incorporates UL Listed panel mounted circuit breakers in the front panel protecting the outlets. What is the required current rating for each of these circuit breakers?

  1. 30 A
  2. 20 A
  3. 15 A
  4. The current rating of each circuit breaker shall be greater than the maximum rated current to be delivered by each series of outlets.

See the next iNARTE Informer for the correct answer to this month’s question.




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