The Capacitive Discharge Test

This article will define the test requirements, and discuss the methods used to obtain results. Limitations of the equipment used will also be discussed, so that lab personnel can be made aware and do their best to minimize tolerance errors.

New Edition of IEC 60099-4 Published

A new edition of IEC 60099-4 has been published by the International Electrotechnical Committee. IEC 60099-4 applies to “Surge arresters - Part 4: Metal-oxide surge arresters without gaps for a.c. systems.” The... Read More...

Researchers Develop New Technique to Reduce Size of Mass Spectrometers

A team of researchers from Purdue University and the Indian Institute of Technology Madras have developed a new method of coating carbon nanotubes that reduce the amount of voltage required, sharpens the signal and was able to capture more delicate molecules than previous methods.