Self-Learning Robots Printed With 3D Printers

Self-Learning Robots Printed With 3D Printers | In Compliance Magazine

Oslo University researchers have created self-instructing robots with 3D printers using a simulation program that produces the robot’s design and suggests the optimal number of legs and joints. The researchers tell the program what characteristics their robot should have from what it needs to do, such as how fast it should walk and how much energy it should consume.

The program creates thousands of possibilities and suggests the optimal body shape and number of legs to produce a robot meeting the researcher’s requirements. Once the robot is designed, it is then developed using a 3D printer. The robots are tested using an obstacle course that allows the robots to teach themselves to pass hurdles and complete the course. The researchers are working towards having the robots automatically provide feedback to the simulation program about how well they perform during tests. This information would allow the computer to design an even better robot in the future.

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