Apple Experimenting with 3D Printing for Production

Technology giant Apple is reportedly testing the use of additive manufacturing (AM) technology (also known as 3D printing) in the production of its newest smartwatch models.

According to reports listed on multiple media platforms, Apple is testing 3D printing in the production of its upcoming Apple Watch 9. Currently, the casing of Apple watches is created by cutting pieces of metal into exactly the correct shape. So, the use of 3D printing would likely reduce the amount of material required for production as well as production time.

If Apple’s 3D testing experiments meet its expectations and requirements, the company is expected to integrate 3D printing technologies into the production processes of additional product lines. This includes the next generation of the Apple Watch Ultra, a titanium-encased watch scheduled for some time next year.

Apple’s 3D experiment was first reported by Bloomberg (access by subscription only).

But an excellent summary of Bloomberg’s report is available on the website of CNBC.

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