IEEE Published IEEE 1823-2015 Standard for Universal Power Adapter for Mobile Devices

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The IEEE published a new standard for universal power adapters for mobile devices. IEEE 1823-2015 creates a common interconnect for power delivery greater than 10 W and up to, but less than, 240 W to portable and fixed devices. According to the IEEE, this standard supports more universal use and reuse of power adapters replacing brand specific and model specific power adapters. The new standard can be purchased on the IEEE website.


“IEEE Std 1823-2015 defines a power delivery connection between a power adapter and a power using device greater than 10 W and up to, but less than 240 W.1 A communications link between the power adapter and the mobile power-using device is also defined. The communications may be used to coordinate the power delivery and provide identification between the power adapter and the power-using device. While intended for portable computing and entertainment devices, power adapters conforming to this standard may also be used with other devices.”

*Description from the IEEE website.



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