New IEEE 802.3bw Ethernet Standard Provides Infrastructure for Connected Vehicles

DrivingIEEE announced the approval of a new Ethernet standard that will help bring inexpensive, high-bandwidth connectivity to vehicles. IEEE 802.3bw is the “IEEE Standard for Ethernet Amendment 1: Physical Layer Specifications and Management Parameters for 100 Mb/s Operation over a Single Balanced Twisted Pair Cable (100BASE-T1).”

This new standard was driven by the automotive industry’s need for lightweight architecture to support the latest features, such as cars that are equipped with advanced driver assistance systems or infotainment. This will simplify the cumbersome, heavy and complicated wiring harnesses in use today, while providing high data rates,” said Steve Carlson of High Speed Design, Inc., who chaired the final phase of IEEE P802.3bw 100BASE-T1 project.

Thomas Hogenmueller, senior manager with Bosch, who chaired the initial phase of the project said:

The introduction of new bandwidth-intensive applications must deal with the constant pressure the automotive industry faces to minimize the total weight of the vehicle. The definition of a 100 Mb/s Ethernet standard that operates over a single twisted pair will address both of these issues.

IEEE 802.3bw is available for purchase at the IEEE Standards Store.

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