Desco Introduces New Reztore® Surface & Mat Cleaner

Desco has introduced a new 4-Pack Reztore® Surface and Mat Cleaner in 16 oz. trigger spray bottles.  Reztore® Surface and Mat Cleaner is used to remove dust, grease, grime, fingerprints, solder flux, and other contaminants from ESD mats and other surfaces without degrading the surface’s ability to drain electrostatic charges.  Reztore® does not contain silicone or other substances that will leave an insulating residue on surfaces.  It does not contain alkali, ammonia or other harsh chemicals that are common to many cleaners. There are no dyes or coloring agents. Reztore® is low volatility, non-flammable, and non-toxic.

Reztore® is packaged in durable HDPE bottles with trigger spray nozzles for reuse with the Reztore Refill System.

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