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Cyberex® PowerBuiltT Industrial UPS Offers Faster and More Accurate Fault Detection

The new Cyberex® PowerBuilt™ industrial uninterruptible power supply (UPS) from ABB features a proprietary amplitude detection control design resulting in faster, more accurate fault sensing for system reliability and critical load protection.

The Cyberex® PowerBuilt™ is a true online double-conversion industrial UPS designed to support the continuing demand from downstream refining and petrochemical processing, upstream oil and gas processing, power generation, and the growing regulatory and safety needs of today’s industrial complexes. The PowerBuilt™ Series UPS is designed to UL 1778 safety and IEC 62040-3 performance standards, and,  therefore, it can be scaled to meet changing electrical requirements and adaptable to the most stringent technical specification.

“The conventional zero-crossing methods used for fault detection require multiple measuring periods that must be computed over phase noise,” said Hans Pfitzer, vice president of engineering at ABB, DMPC Power Protection. “The PowerBuilt™ Series’ UPS phase-locked loops (PLL) control system is a proprietary correlation method that enables precise measurements of an input/output waveform, resulting in shorter measurement periods and rapid reaction to protect the critical load during a power quality event.”

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The newly developed intelligent control logic internal to the Cyberex® PowerBuilt™ industrial UPS is the silent sentry that continuously safeguards the system to ensure uninterrupted operation.

The Cyberex® PowerBuilt™ industrial UPS is equipped with an unmatched user interface with full-color touch screen graphical user interface (GUI) for self-guided serviceability with minimal engagement, as well as the latest communication protocols. It also features a patented digital static transfer switch design, which enhances system performance through increased redundancy and reliability. The fully rated switch provides better protection of critical loads from input power transients and interruptions by eliminating any single point of failure. 

The threat of lost production or the possibility of damage to work in process is a central manufacturing concern. The Cyberex® PowerBuilt™ industrial UPS features an innovative insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT)-based pulse-width modulation (PWM) inverter design that employs active current limitation for higher short circuit tolerance. The active short-circuit method ensures the best possible current clearing waveform, while still protecting the inverter from catastrophic failure. In the event of a load side short circuit or over-current that cannot be supplied by the inverter, the UPS logic will transfer away from the active inverter source, thereby preventing the fault condition from damaging the inverter.

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