Ametek Solidstate Controls Introduces DSE Uninterruptible Power Supply System

DSE Uninterruptible Power Supply System  | In Compliance Magazine

AMETEK Solidstate Controls,has launched the latest addition to its line of industrial UPS systems—DSE Uninterruptible Power Supply System.  The DSE is a true, on-line, double conversion UPS system that provides continuous, clean, regulated power for critical AC loads.

Designed specifically for process control in demanding industrial applications, the DSE combines the digital control, enhanced communications, monitoring, and diagnostic capabilities of a Pulse Width Modulation UPS system with the proven rugged design and reliability of a ferroresonant transformer. In addition, the DSE system features the same LCD panel and user friendly touch-screen display as Solidstate Controls’ digital ProcessPower® line of UPS systems.

The DSE features vacuum pressure impregnated (VPI) magnetics with 200oC epoxy insulation (Class C), long-life LED indicators, and full front panel accessibility. No side or back service clearance required. The system also includes an integral system event recorder for diagnostics that logs up to 500 events, a lighted mimic panel display, and micro-processor based alarms. In addition, its unique crest factor circuitry provides full capacity for non-linear loads.

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