Accuride Introduces Revolutionary Steel Armor(TM) Coating Technology

Accuride Corporation announced the introduction of Steel Armor(TM), a ground-breaking advance in coating technology for commercial vehicle steel wheels.  This proprietary new three-phase coating process employs enhanced corrosion-fighting properties that extend steel wheel service life by up to two additional years, as compared to standard coatings currently in use in the industry.

Steel Armor(TM) steel wheel powder coating technology employs a proprietary protection process that improves the look and life of steel wheels.  

To prove this point, Accuride exposed wheels coated with Steel Armor(TM) to a broad range of corrosion performance tests that eclipsed traditional industry testing standards, completing 12 independently performed tests in all.  These included industry-standard salt spray and chip resistance tests, plus exacting cyclic corrosion testing methods commonly used in the automotive industry that are better able to determine product performance in strenuous road and climate conditions, such as UV transmission and Xenon testing.

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