Wave Computation Technologies Announces New Release of Wavenology

Wave Computation Technologies has announced an updated release of their Wavenology software. The latest version, 1.7.2, includes the following updates:

  • Dyadic Green’s function calculator has been optimized within Wavenology EM. Line source is supported in the new version.
  • A complete new version of the Cartesian structured mesh generator used by FDTD and SETD solvers has been embedded in Wavenology.
  • Far-field polarization can be displayed in the new post processing package. Combined with Wavenology EM’s full-wave based field-circuit co-simulation capability, this enables the smart antennas design with reconfigurable polarizations.
  • Cylindrical Perfect Matched Layer (PML) absorbing media is implemented and integrated into Wavenology EL.
  • The sign definitions in the simulation result for lumped circuit elements are unified in the new version
  • Group editing of geometry meshing options are added.
  • FDTD multi-domain simulation now supports waveport source type.

A new set of Wavenology tutorial demos has aslso been released. The new downloads of this release are available at http://www.wavenology.com/download.html.