Cellular Approvals and RCM Certification in Australia

Compliance requirements for cellular devices that connect to the mobile phone networks in Australia are similar to those in other countries but with some important differences. In this article, we detail the unique aspects of ACMA technical regulations.

FCC Denies China Mobile USA Application

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More Than “Seven Dirty Words”?

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Modernizing the RJ45 Jack and Plug

This article will discuss one of the most prolific connectors in the electrical communication field, the RJ45 connector. Most LAN cables use these connectors, so this connector touches most of our lives every day.

Happy Birthday, National Broadband Plan!

Blow out the candles, already! The recent auction of Advanced Wireless Spectrum raised $41 Big Ones (that’s $41E9) for the US Treasury. Now, spectrum is a little like real estate and as Will Rogers once said: “... Read More...