Evaluation of Intelligent and Non‑Static Power Sources: A Rational Clarification

Product standards, such as IEC 62368‑1 for ITC equipment, struggle to keep up with technology changes, even when they are designed to be adaptable – such as this hazard-based standard. Unexpected consequences can develop with the introduction of disruptive technology that takes advantage of a seeming loophole in a standard and move forward without getting a full evaluation under the standard. Fault managed power systems, such as PoE, push the standard in getting proper evaluation. This paper is a case study including a detailed proposal as to how to address an issue such as this within the standard.
Standard for Furniture Power Distribution Units | In Compliance Magazine

New Edition of UL 962A Standard Released

UL has issued a new edition of the UL 962A standard for furniture power distribution units. UL 962A applies to “cord-connected, indoor use, furniture power distribution units (FPDU) that consist of single o... Read More...