Letter to the Editor: Comparing Test Methods for EMI Gaskets

Regarding the article “Comparing Test Methods for EMI Gaskets” by George M. Kunkel (In Compliance Magazine, January 2016), both the text and the caption to Figure 2 mention shielding effectiveness tests performed on “newspaper”??

The History of EMI Gasket Test Methods

A White Paper submitted to the Standards Committee of the EMC Society During World War II the Department of Defense (DoD) purchased shielded enclosures to house their electrical/electronic equipment. They init... Read More...
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A Seamless Connection

TechMESH Knitted Wire gaskets from Leader Tech make reliable electrical contact between parallel metallic surfaces in broad ranging commercial and military-grade electronic enclosures. When installed between gaps, seams and openings the gaskets create a high attenuation EMI shield thereby preventing unwanted interference from leaking into the environment.