Extruded Elastomer EMI Gaskets from Leader Tech

One of the most cost-effective ways to provide both EMI shielding and environmental protection is to specify a conductive elastomer gasket for your electronic enclosure. At Leader Tech’s global EMI shielding center in Tampa, the company is able to formulate and extrude high-performance and cost-effective conductive elastomer gaskets. These gaskets are used for numerous applications ranging from consumer products to mission-critical medical and military electronics.

In addition to a stock assortment of seven profiles that are available in multiple sizes, Leader Tech can create custom extruded shapes from 16 different, MIL-SPEC approved material formulations. The gaskets are easy to install and provide excellent Shielding Effectiveness up to 110 dB while standing up to harsh environmental conditions.

To learn more about leader Tech’s conductive elastomers, visit www.leadertechinc.com/products/enclosure-products/elastomers.