A Seamless Connection

TechMESH Knitted Wire gaskets from Leader Tech make reliable electrical contact between parallel metallic surfaces in broad ranging commercial and military-grade electronic enclosures. When installed between gaps, seams and openings the gaskets create a high attenuation EMI shield thereby preventing unwanted interference from leaking into the environment.

TechMESH gaskets provide a shielding effectiveness up to 130 dB in the E-Field and up to 80 dB in the H-Field and are available in four standard profiles and 48 different sizes.  Each profile can be ordered in either an all mesh or elastomer core configuration.

The Knitted Wire gaskets are available in your choice of three materials, including: Tin Plated Copper Clad Steel, Monel and Aluminum.  Additionally, gaskets can be supplied on spools of 25 feet or cut to exact application specifications.

For further information visit http://www.leadertechinc.com.