Product Safety and the Pandemic

The pandemic has brought many changes in the way we do business. For equipment manufacturers, that may equate to big picture shifts related to your supply chain, vendors, and production. Here, let’s explore key considerations to keep in mind for your product safety strategy, warnings, and instructions.

The Making of an ISO 7010 Symbol

Understanding the Process to Create Standardized Symbols and How It Effects Your On-product Warnings The previous column in this series centered on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) tech... Read More...

ISO 7010 Symbols

International standards are important to product manufacturers for several reasons; they help with safety, compliance with varying regional regulations, and the ability to export across borders.
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Symbols in Focus

Symbol choices for your product safety labels can be complex – especially in light of the latest ISO standards update. This month, we look at some of the most pressing questions you may be facing.
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Graphically Conveying Complex Safety Messages

As the person responsible for your product’s safety labels, you might run into this problem: you want to convey your message in “symbol-only” form because your intended audience is global and yet your safety message is fairly complex.

Understanding Symbols: Emergency Stop

One of the critical building blocks for your product’s safe design is the proper use of color-coding and symbols. This article will explore the new developments that have occurred in the field of marking emerge... Read More...