Staticworx Launches ShadowFX PosiTile Carpet

Staticworx, North America’s largest distributor of antic-static flooring, has announced that its ShadowFX carpet tile is now available with PosiTile positioning buttons for a glue-free installation over Tate raised access floor panels.

According to Dave Long, Staticworx President, ShadowFX carpet tile is static-dissipative and not conductive, which reduces the risks of potentially dangerous shocks and equipment damage. 

“Unlike conventional carpet tile, ShadowFX PosiTile is manufactured with a surface-hugging backing that allows tiles to lay flat without any dots or strips of glue,” says Long.  The process is called “draping.”

Long adds, “The buttons are welded ultrasonically on the underside of ShadowFX tiles to create a precise one-to-one match between the tile and the floor panel.”

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