Reliable Short Circuit Performance UL 508 Manual Motor Controller for Industrial Applications

IM0006671_ul508SCHURTER’s AS168X thermal magnetic, high performance circuit breaker is UL 508 listed, Manual Motor Controller. The AS168X provides motor disconnect from 0.5 to 30 A, and motor protection from 1/10-20 horsepower for industrial control applications.

The AS168X series is rated 0.5 to 52 A @ 480 Y / 277 VAC. The high performance CBE limits ―let through energy in the event of a short circuit up to 10 kA at 277 VAC. The family has three levels of short circuit protection, categorized by F, G and H curves and is available in one to four poles. Multi-pole devices are connected internally and at the handle for simultaneous
operation. This applies also to combinations with the switched neutral pole. The thermal magnetic, positively trip-free breaker, with manual ON/OFF actuation has a high endurance (life cycle) of 6000 cycles (In) with an ambient temperature range of -20°C to +60°C.

SCHURTER’s Manual Motor Controller is DIN Rail mountable, style EN50022, for quick installation. Screw terminal connections at line and load accept a range of wire sizes 16 – 4 AWG; compact in design, measuring 17.5 mm in width, these circuit breakers conserve panel space and are well-suited for high-density configurations. Ingress protection of IP40 from the front side is in accordance with IEC 60529The circuit breaker is RoHS compliant.

Various accessories are available for the AS168X series including; a factory mounted switched neutral pole, remote relay/shunt trip module, lockout attachment, as well as, auxiliary and signal contact options.

For the 1-pole AC version, pricing starts at under $25.00 each per 100 pieces. Data sheets and additional information are available at: For sales and product information, contact Cora Umlauf at (800) 848-2600 or by email at

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