PCTEST Selects Rohde & Schwarz to Enhance its Conformance Testing

PCTEST Engineering Laboratory, Inc. has selected the Rohde & Schwarz R&S TS8980FTA-2 and R&S CMW500 air interface and wireless test platforms for conformance testing for LTE-A Release 10 carrier aggregation, VoLTE/IMS, WCDMA/HSPA+ and GSM.

Mobile device manufacturers must incorporate the latest wireless standards (i.e. LTE-Advanced and VoLTE/IMS) in their equipment while continuing to support legacy technologies (i.e. GSM and WCDMA). Meeting these challenges requires state-of-the-art test and certification systems such as the R&S TS8980FTA-2 and R&S CMW500 that can seamlessly address the testing complexities of legacy, current and future technologies. Test solutions that are flexible enough to handle almost any area of conformance and carrier acceptance in an efficient manner provide a key advantage for test labs.

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