New Video Warns of Fake Electronics This Holiday

A new video warning parents of the dangers of illegal, fake electronic goods sold online had been released by Electrical Safety First, a UK charitable organization.

Charley Says – Avoid a Counterfeit Christmas is a new installment of “Charley Says,” a cartoon first introduced in the 1970s to educate viewers and children on the danger of matches, strangers and other life lessons.

The charity warns that counterfeit versions of popular toys often contain faulty parts that have the potential of causing electrical shock or overheating and catching fire.  They also report seeing a significant increase over the last three years, in the sale of counterfeit toys through popular social media outlets.  The percentage of counterfeit goods seized by authorities because they posed a threat to health and safety has doubled in the past year.

Electrical Safety First research alarmingly shows that:

  • 24% of people have knowingly bought a counterfeit product
  • 21% would consider buying a counterfeit product to save money
  • 16% do not think that counterfeit products would put them at risk

The organization provides a Top Five list to avoid purchasing counterfeit goods.

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