Laird Announces New Class 1 Bluetooth® Series

Laird has announced the release of the high performance Class 1 Bluetooth 700 Series modules, which includes both the BT730 and BT740 variant modules. Mass production quantities of modules and the associated development kits are available now from all Laird global distributors. 

Key application areas for the BT700 Series include medical devices, ePOS terminals, automotive diagnostic equipment, barcode scanners, and industrial cable replacement. Every BT700 Series module is designed to add robust, long-range Bluetooth data connectivity to any device.

Based on the market-leading Cambridge Silicon (CSR) BC04 chipset, the modules provide exceptionally low power consumption with outstanding Class 1 range via 18 dBm of transmit power. All BT700 series modules support either on board antenna or u.FL for external antenna connection plus a broad range of Bluetooth profiles including Serial Port Profile (SPP) and a robust AT command interface ensures customers the fastest time to market.

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